Friday, January 4, 2013

A Good Shave

Just got all done shaving and thought I would share it with you guys.  I started out self locking at the beginning of the year so what ever the date is, that's how long I have been locked up.  As of now it's been 4 days.  I'm pretty horny right about now just even thinking it's been 4 days.  I guess the less I think about it, the faster time will pass by.

I think I have found an online key holder hopefully.  He sees pretty cool and experienced in online key holding so this should be fun.  I have read some forums about how online key holding works, and it seems everyone has their own style and fetishes.

To bring in the new year I purchased a new CB6 Chrome, since it doesn't look like I'm going to be getting the custom chastity device any time soon.  I think that the chrome will not only look sexier than my clear plastic one, but then I won't be able to see my penis through the hard plastic anymore.  I remember it turning me on once when i had a black CB3 and it got me excited.

Friday, November 16, 2012

So what is happening?

I was hoping by this time I would have the new chastity device, and I'm sad to say that it still hasn't arrived.  I was going for a long hall on self locking but it failed hard when I found out that this new male chastity device was going to longer than expected.  I was so pumped and then slowly I got board.  There was nothing keeping me locked but myself, and after 2 weeks I caved in.  I had no date set on a calendar for when I'm going to receive the new device and the fact that I didn't really have a goal it kind of shut me down and I lot interest in staying chastit.  So I took another break from the whole chastity thing for a month.

The guy that is making the device is making these things out of pocket and trying to get them out asap.  I'm not sure where I am on the list, but I'm hoping its soon.  The tester forum that was made for the testers is slowly growing quiet from people losing interest and losing hope of even receiving the device.  It's very disheartening, but I'm still waiting, and still interested to use this new device.
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Denied - Day 15

The past two days have been intense for me, I have had a lot of alone time at home by myself and decided to indulge in some pornography.  So I have been getting my self all worked up and horny as fuck wanting to jack off so fucking bad.  Even though the temptation keeps running through my mind, I'm some how keeping a solid mind set of not ejaculating.

The other day I got myself so worked up that I tried hooking up with my gay roommate.   I just wanted to suck his dick so fucking bad.  I guess I'm just becoming very desperate in the fact that I need some cock since mine is locked up.

He was siting on the couch watching TV, and I sat down next to him.  I started kissing his neck and then we started making out.  Next thing I know I'm rubbing his hard cock through his pajama pants.  I started to get really hard and my cage filled up.  Then he grabbed for my cock and felt my caged cock longing to be set free.  Instantly when he felt the cage he backed away and we stopped everything.  I think it totally freaked him out. I think he thinks that I'm weird for being into chastity.  It didn't exactly work out as I planned in my head, and afterwords it made me feel like a freak.  I got really depressed afterwords and thought about taking off the CB all together and forgetting this whole experiment.  Being denied like that really brought me back to when I my old master use to play with me in orgasm denial only a few months ago.  The feeling was the same, but the feeling was different, because I know that my roommate doesn't give two shits about me and could care less weather I cum or not.  My ex-Master would deny me on purpose and it would make me feel good. My roommate denied me and made me feel like crap.

Even though my spirits were brought down I'm still horny as fuck and still want to keep this CB on until my new Adopt-a-Cage CB comes.  People just suck sometimes!  I'm still considering him holding my new key for my new CB if he is still up for it which I'm amusing he will since he signed  papers stating that he would.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 13

Wow this has been a crazy 13 days.  I have been tracking my hornyness from day one.  I think I'm going to continue doing this and see if there is a pattern in these numbers.  As of now it just kind of looks like a wave, and it seems to be pretty up and down like a rollercoster.

So let me explain the numbers:
Numbers on the Left = "Hornyness"
      0=ejaculation     10="Pure Hornyness Rage!"
Numbers on the Bottom = "Days" 


Update on the new device:
 I got an E-mail from Adopt-A-Cage today and it said that the new devices are starting to be sent out.
I'm so excited I can hardly wait.  I have been wearing the CB-6000 this whole time and it's starting to really just become apart of me.  It's uncomfortable as fuck but it's kind of like a new piercing, except it's just a peace of plastic that your carrying around on your cock.

It has been difficult trying not to pull this thing off me and cut the stupid plastic lock, jack off and cum.  Ugggg... to cum!  I forgot what that even feels like, actually it's all I have been thinking about the whole day.  Seriously, nothing else.  The serial numbers on the plastic lock just keep repeating in my head "4674.......4674......4674".  It's really hard holding back from taking this thing off.  Being self locked is a psychological trip.  As much as I want to I'm just trying my hardest to hold back and get this new device before I turn against myself and cum.  I know that the new device can not be pulled off, and I think it's going to be a lot easier psychologically than this thing I have on now.  Just because I know some where in the back of my mind that I have the ability to just slip out and jack off.

I'll keep you guys posted as the days go by, and of course I will let you all know when I get the new device.  I hope soon.


Saturday, September 8, 2012


Since it's taking a while to receive my new chastity device from  I'm going to lock myself up in the CB6000.  I'm hoping to stay locked until I receive the new device, but that could take a while.  Until then I'm looking at a month of being locked up.

I masturbated to some porn on Thursday the 6th, and I was too busy yesterday to do anything so I thought  I should start today.  So as of now it's 48 hrs.  No big deal as of yet, but I'll blog about my experience.  I'm hoping to compare the CB6000 experience to the Adopt-A-Cage experience.

So since it's my first day being locked up I'm going to work out for 2 hrs and get this testosterone flowing.  RAAAaaaa!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I haven't been blogging lately as I said I would because I'm working with company in creating a new chastity device. (  So far it's been a fun process and the designer is amazing.  I can't describe this new device in detail due to a disclosure agreement I signed, but it's pretty amazing.  All I have to say is that this new device is going to replace the old devices fast.  His design is like no other I have ever seen.  The security features on it are well thought out, and may even prevent pull out from the chastity device.

So I might be on and off, of blogging for a while until I receive the device some time next month.  I will be blogging about my experience without disclosing details of the device design, but I'm hoping that it will be even more intense than the KT chastity experience.  There is going to be no pain (I'm assuming) and no pull out so there will be a balance, and new emotional feelings.

The testers of this new chastity device are required as part of the group to get a key holder, and be locked in the device for 30 days.

As for a key holder, I'm going to be using my gay roomie.  He isn't exactly turned on by chastity, and we don't hook up, but he is at home and willing to play.  I'm not expecting S&M from him or really any sexual contact besides him locking me up, and holding the key.

I'll post when it's my first day, and go from there.  Wish me luck.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dream Lover 2000

I have been waiting for this product to come out for 2 years.  Following their blog and watching how they were going to design it was tormenting.  It finally came out this year with a price tag of $2,000.00.  I waited for about 6 months and they brought the price down to $1,400.00.  The price did seem a little un-reasonable, but I took into consideration that this is still a startup company and the makers really put a lot of technical thought into making this work.  Even though the price is ridiculous I considered it a donation.
For those of you that don’t know that the Dream Lover is check out their sight or do a search on Dream Lover 2000.  In short it is an attachment for the CB-6000 and other compatible chastity devices.  It is mounts onto the chastity device and electrodes go inside the cage.  There is computer software to control the device and a remote. 
My first impression of the device was fear.  I have always hated getting shocked, and figured this would be   perfect for the ultimate chastity control.  It’s a little tricky to put together and it takes a little bit of tweaking to get everything situated.  So once everything was locked up I held the remote in my hand and pushed the low voltage button. 
It beeped and “Holy Fucking Shit” my cock and balls get a jolt of electricity and my body crunches forward.  I started laughing from the un-expectedness and the intensity of the LOW shock.  I tried to bring myself to push the button again, but I just couldn’t do it. 
I am currently seeking an online key holder through their website.  Apparently a key holder can shock the wearer through their website as long as the wearer is within rage of the USB device that it comes with.  I’m still looking into this to see how it works.  I’ll post more about this product as I explore it more.