Monday, September 26, 2011

KTB Reviews & Warnings

Kali's Teeth Bracelet

Submitted by: JW
I've heard it said that the Kali's Teeth Bracelet is an evil form of chastity, and I suppose a lot depends on where you're coming from. I tend to gravitate more towards the heavier aspects of B & D, so my judgement of the KTB is a bit biased from the outset, but make no mistake: the KTB is NOT a mild form of restraint, punishment, chastity, or what have you. If not respected it can be extremely painful...[more]

Chastity Mansion

Submitted by: badboy
I consider the KTB to be in a league of its own because it is MUCH MORE THAN A CHASTITY DEVICE, the KTB is essentially a very effective ERECTION PUNISHMENT DEVICE. Once the KTB is locked on your cock YOU will do anything to keep your dick completely limp ...
- NO jacking off
- NO looking at porn
- NO reading chastity forums (like this one!)
- NO looking at cute people while walking down the street...[more]

Lock and Keep

Submitted by:  metalfenix
So, after 5 days locked in with the Kali Teeth Bracelet sold by , it's finally time to write the review of this truly evil device. The seller is really good, I had concerns about delivery, discretion of the package and all that but the owner quickly answered all my doubts by emal, and the paypal system is a quick way to make the payment. He even sent me the size chart to choose carefully the size of the KTB (of course, being a noob I knew that I had to go for the moderate one). took 4 days to make, and 4-5 days to be delivered to my courier service in Florida (I live outside of the US). After two weeks of delivery to my country, I finally have it in my hands...[more]


Perhaps the most ominous of all chastity devices ever made for a man to wear is the Kali's Teeth Bracelet - known within the chastity community as just by it's initials as the "KTB".

Fortunately, it is no longer in production. And just from looking at the picture I am sure you can see why. This thing wasn't a joke. I can not imagine it being worn for any length of time realistically. It has named after Kālī, the Hindu goddess...[more]

Experience with KTB Chastity Device

Submitted by: Sir Richard I recently obtained and wore a Kali's Teeth Bracelet(KTB), a male chastity device, for periods ranging from a few minutes to 11 continuous days. The model of the device I bought was the "regular" version, since I am average in every relevant dimension.
It was a dangerous mistake to wear the device continuously for 11 days: two weeks after removal of the device, I am still not fully healed and there is a noticeable amount of scar tissue in the places that have healed. The insidious thing is that there was not a significant amount of pain associated with this injury, except occasionally when I obtained a partial erection.
My experience is a warning about the limits of the device. The way the device operates, restricting erection by means of many sharp pins on the inside, is intrinsically hazardous, since erections at times will be involuntary. Use of this device will always entail risk of injury. My experience indicates that the risk may be minimized by observing the following precautions...[more]

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